American Eagle Wreath Handmade With Custom Logo, Veteran Handmade Wreath – Independence Day gift- July 4th American Flag Wreath


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    This American Eagle handmade wreath features a red, white, and blue plastic industrial art paper with a hanging American Eagle. Our wreath is handcrafted to present Old Glory in an entirely new way. Place it with pride on your front door, over your mantel, or in a picture window. This wreath is made to last forever with a strong sturdy and secure board. Consider it an all-American salute for your front door or back porch.

    Features: Material: Plastic industrial art paper. Size: S: 9″ Diameter, M:  13″ Diameter. Especially, we can customize anything with the design of the logo attached to this wreath. Logo made of Formex round and fix it with glue on the inside of the Eagle wreath. You can customize anything with the design such as sports teams, clubs, or holiday logos. Package includes 1 x American Eagle Wreath. Note: Product tolerance is approximately 1 “.

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