5 ways to tie beautiful hair with silk scarf, did you know?

Under the hot summer sun, neatly tied and cool hair becomes the top priority of women. In addition to learning to choose a hairstyle that suits the face, the accessories are also a factor that makes girls wonder. A trendy, sophisticated hair accessory that not only keeps the hair neat but also completes the overall look.



So among the countless hair accessories, which one is “making a splash” in the hearts of the fashionistas? Revealing to you, silk scarves with soft textures will be an effective “assistant” for smooth hair in the hot summer. Let TAGOTEE discover 5 beautiful ways to tie your hair with silk scarves to enhance your beauty.

Style 1

You can refresh this hairstyle by tying or twisting your hair on the first half. On the top half, take two small ponytails from the temples, tie or twist them as you like and tie them with a pretty silk scarf. If you are afraid of losing your hair, you can tie it up first with small elastic bands, then tie the silk scarf out.

tóc buộc nửa đầu khăn lụa

Style 2

For those who love the style of noble and haughty Parisian ladies, try a low ponytail with a silk scarf. To make this hairstyle, you just need to use an elastic and do it like a regular ponytail. However, instead of tying it up at the top of the head, lower the hair close to the nape of the neck. Then use a silk scarf to tie a knot around the hair elastic and let the end of the scarf go along the length of the hair.

You can blow up the roots or let a few loose curls loose in front of your face for a natural, slightly “messy” look.

Style 3

For days when your hair is bad or you want to add a splash of color to your outfit, don’t be afraid to try this silk scarf tie. To perform this hairstyle, use a square silk scarf, fold it into a triangle and cover your entire hair. Then, tie the scarf around the outside of your hair and hide the excess inside the knot. Use bobby pins to fix the towel, avoiding movement.


For girls with short or long hair, you can leave the excess hair loose or tuck the hair at the nape of the neck and hide it inside the scarf.

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